Pump Stations

ZG has a great share in delivering oil & gas in wholsale and in pump stations as well. ZG pump stations are opening new branches by passing each day. We look forward to make it best and deliver what you deserve. ZG has twelve(12) pump stations in different locations all over the country. In Mazar-e-Sharif city we have seven(7) pump stations serving with the best quality. Our pump stations are cared by our special team working on pump stations. Our equipments in pump stations are imported from Turkey and Europe. This is proud to say that we are leading pump station across the Mazar-e-Sharif city and country. Our two(2) pump stations in Andkhoy city one(1) in Aqina border is also delivering best service to the people. Our pump station in Hairatan has covered the city's necessity and interest towards ZG. We also have covered the chain highway of country. To deliver the best service in highway our new pump station has started its service on highway in Tashqorghan area. One of the prominent difference of ZG is importing and supplying fuel directly and specially to its pump stations. We deliver petrol(95) in our pump stations which is rare in afghanistan. We also deliver Butane and Propane gas according to different seasons of year. Our diesel is also equivalent to the best quality and standards of the world. ZG in whole and specially in pump stations which is a direct contact of ZG with people has tried to left best impact on the sector of oil & gas industry.