Fuel Supply Capability

We have the experience of supplying fuel to everywhere with good quality and great amount, Such as our completed contracts with Nordic camp supply (NCS), Afghan oil, and some other fuel supply companies supplying fuel for Nato and other Military camps working in Afghanistan.

Fuel Storage Capacity

ZG installations in different locations with best service performing its best. Our installations are located in Hairatan border city and Aqina border. These two borders are main route of supplying oil & gas from Russia and Asia. As ZG R&D department studied, we decided to build two installations in these two different locations. We have the total (120000) tons of fuel storage capacity. Our installation in Hairatan city with (50000) tons of fuel storage capacity is one of the biggest and leading installation in Afghanistan. Our installations with huge capacity makes our every challenge and every task easy. We do not hesitate to complete any big fuel supply contract. We supply huge amount of fuel daily amd we have completed many contracts with national and international companies such as Nordic camp supply (NCS), Afghan Oil, NATO military forces and so on. Our fuel tanks are purchased from best companies of Europe with world standard quality. It is also installed with world class quality by the company's experts. Aqina border installation has (30000) tons of fuel storage, mainly imported from Turkmenistan. Beside these two above mentioned huge installations, ZG also has fuel storage capacity in Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Nangarhar, and so on. Our Torghondi border installation has (8000) tons of capacity which covers our west part of country's fuel supply needs. Our fuel is supplied by ZG transport all over the country which makes our service convinient to our costumers.

Gas Storage Capacity

One of our main focus of trade is gas supply. Gas importation with the best quality according to world standards is our main goal. ZG daily supplies thousands of tons of gas across the country. We supply Propane, Butane and other gases with the best quality. Our best supply owes our huge capacity of gas storage. It makes ZG able to fulfill any contract and beat any challenge. Our gas tanks in Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Hairatan and Aqina are carrying world standard approval. We are holding biggest gas storage capacity in Afghanistan, with the total (90000) tons of gas storage capacity across the country. Our Aqina installation has capacity of (25000) tons and our hairatan installation has total capacity of (40000) tons. It makes ZG one of the leading gas supply with huge capacity of gas storage. We are looking to increase our gas storage capacity more, as we are installing new gas tanks and building rapidly new installations with world standard quality.


ZG transportation service is one of our reliable service which makes us independent of relying on other transport companies. It adds speed and convenience to our services. About (60) tank trucks of ZG drives the national roads in Afghanistan, supplying fuel including diesel and petrol. Fuels are directly supplied from our installations to pump stations, companies and other respective costumers all over the country. This enables us to provide best fuel in the best time with best facility. We also help other companies to use our transportation service. Our (35) trucks also supplies gas across the country. Our gas tanks are imported from the best companies with high safety facilities. Our trucks are riding on the road with safety and best facility, equal to the world standards. Genuine trucks of geniune companies of the world such as (Mercedes, Volvo, Man etc.) is providing transport service to the different destinations such as Mazar, Kabul, Faryab, Jawzjan, Hairatan, Herat, Helmand, Kandahar, Kunduz and other international destinations as well. ZG transportation service is now well known brand in every national and international destinations. ZG is now conquering the international roads, as ZG's (30) tank trucks are supplying fuel and gas in Turkmenistan since several years. In Herat border our 16 tank trucks are riding on the west part of the country as well.

Pump Stations

ZG has a great share in delivering oil & gas in wholsale and in pump stations as well. ZG pump stations are opening new branches by passing each day. We look forward to make it best and deliver what you deserve. ZG has twelve(12) pump stations in different locations all over the country. In Mazar-e-Sharif city we have seven(7) pump stations serving with the best quality. Our pump stations are cared by our special team working on pump stations. Our equipments in pump stations are imported from Turkey and Europe. This is proud to say that we are leading pump station across the Mazar-e-Sharif city and country. Our two(2) pump stations in Andkhoy city one(1) in Aqina border is also delivering best service to the people. Our pump station in Hairatan has covered the city's necessity and interest towards ZG. We also have covered the chain highway of country. To deliver the best service in highway our new pump station has started its service on highway in Tashqorghan area. One of the prominent difference of ZG is importing and supplying fuel directly and specially to its pump stations. We deliver petrol(95) in our pump stations which is rare in afghanistan. We also deliver Butane and Propane gas according to different seasons of year. Our diesel is also equivalent to the best quality and standards of the world. ZG in whole and specially in pump stations which is a direct contact of ZG with people has tried to left best impact on the sector of oil & gas industry.

High Tonnage Scale Asc

High tonage scale is a must in oil & gas business. This is a big facility which provides accuracy and convinience to the business. Lack of high tonage scale had created many problems in our fuel & gas supply and with our global partners as well. But, fortunately ZG imported and installed high tonage scale in its installations few years back. Now, ZG is not only independent of high tonage scale, but provides facility to other companies which are facing problems, due to the lack of high tonage scale. Our (5) high tonage scale is providing service daily in Hairatan city. This is the highest number of scale providing service in a city. Other big companies use our scale, as they sometimes lack the standard and good quality scale. In Mazar-e-sharif city our (3) high tonage scale is serving daily. Our (3) high tonage scale is installed in our Aqina border installation. Our high tonage scales are able to scale tanks and trucks separately and simultaneously as well. Thousands of tons of fuel & gas are imported through Aqina and Hairatan borders daily and this is ZG's high tonage scale which makes it easy to scale any big amount and accomplish any big mission.