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High Tonnage Scale ASC

High tonage scale is a must in oil & gas business. This is a big facility which provides accuracy and convinience to the business. Lack of high tonage scale had created many problems in our fuel & gas supply and with our global partners as well. But, fortunately ZG imported and installed high tonage scale in its installations few years back. Now, ZG is not only independent of high tonage scale, but provides facility to other companies which are facing problems, due to the lack of high tonage scale. Our (5) high tonage scale is providing service daily in Hairatan city. This is the highest number of scale providing service in a city. Other big companies use our scale, as they sometimes lack the standard and good quality scale. In Mazar-e-sharif city our (3) high tonage scale is serving daily. Our (3) high tonage scale is installed in our Aqina border installation. Our high tonage scales are able to scale tanks and trucks separately and simultaneously as well. Thousands of tons of fuel & gas are imported through Aqina and Hairatan borders daily and this is ZG's high tonage scale which makes it easy to scale any big amount and accomplish any big mission.

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High Tonnage Scale ASC!

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High Tonnage Scale ASC!

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