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Fuel Storage Capacity

ZG installations in different locations with best service performing its best. Our installations are located in Hairatan border city and Aqina border. These two borders are main route of supplying oil & gas from Russia and Asia. As ZG R&D department studied, we decided to build two installations in these two different locations. We have the total (120000) tons of fuel storage capacity. Our installation in Hairatan city with (50000) tons of fuel storage capacity is one of the biggest and leading installation in Afghanistan. Our installations with huge capacity makes our every challenge and every task easy. We do not hesitate to complete any big fuel supply contract. We supply huge amount of fuel daily amd we have completed many contracts with national and international companies such as Nordic camp supply (NCS), Afghan Oil, NATO military forces and so on. Our fuel tanks are purchased from best companies of Europe with world standard quality. It is also installed with world class quality by the company's experts. Aqina border installation has (30000) tons of fuel storage, mainly imported from Turkmenistan. Beside these two above mentioned huge installations, ZG also has fuel storage capacity in Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Nangarhar, and so on. Our Torghondi border installation has (8000) tons of capacity which covers our west part of country's fuel supply needs. Our fuel is supplied by ZG transport all over the country which makes our service convinient to our costumers.

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Fuel Storage Capacity!

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Fuel Storage Capacity!

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