Micansan & ZG Partnership

Micansan Treyler & Tanker Company, one of the leading Turkish companies at national and international level, has been one of the most reputable companies in the world by achieving great success in the field of trade and industry for many years with its experienced team and skillful staff. It has been operating in the field of manufacturing various tank types and standard gas storage tanks for many years and has increased its quality and variety over the years. With its increasing development, this big company has now entered the Afghan market and in this context, it is a joint work with the "Ziayee Group" and these two big companies want to continue to develop with a joint team and serve the people of Afghanistan. The Ziayee Group is comprised of various companies and has more than 20 years of experience in various industries, such as Commerce, Oil and Gas industries. Ziayee Group, which has accurate knowledge about the market and customer demand, is trying to open a new and unique window in the field of tanker and storage industry in order to provide joint service with Micansan Company. Quality is at the forefront of the work of this joint team, it would not be a mistake to claim that this industry will witness fundamental changes and experience a quality revolution.