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High Tonnage Scale ASC

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High tonnage scale is widely used in the range of fuel and gas businesses. It provides sensibility, accuracy, completeness and convenience to the business. Previously, poor of high tonnage scale used to create too much problems and difficulties in our fuel & gas transition with our global partners for along. But providentially ZIAYEE GROUP Company installed some higher tonnage scale for adding facilities in the term of transition. This innovation in field of transition will not be used only in our company functional process, it will be contributed with other factories to add facilities to their functional trend. due to the lack of high tonnage scale across the country we are providing five numbers of high tonnage scales which are used to provide the unique service in Hairatan city. And also other big companies use our high tonnage scale on their daily operations. There are three numbers of our high tonnage scale using in daily services in Balkh province, but three others are installed in our Aqina border installation. Thousands tons of high tonnage are accessed in both Hairatan and Aqina borders. By the usage of these high tonnage scales we are able to gage tanks and trucks separately and simultaneously as better as possible.

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