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Pure energy oil refinery in Northern Afghanistan was launched and assembled in the year of 2016 in Balkh province. The oil refinery setup was built in order to process heavy, light Crude oil and low Sulphur Gas condensate. It was designed and implemented by Turkish engineers in a professional outline that used American petroleum industry’s technology with all other equipment and requirements according to the ASTM universal norms and standards. In this refinery a production with the capacity of 500 metric tons can refine per-day and more than 150000 tons refines per year. All the operational process is carried out by both Turkish and afghan engineers. It involves two plain atmospheric and vacuum towers and a complementary automatic control system. North Noble energy refinery produces energy from crude oil products such as Gasoline with octane number (A-80) Kerosene, Diesel and fuel Oil in accordance with the world norm and standards for a better quality such as ISO 9001 and other standard marks. this refinery has a special equipped laboratory for quantitative and qualitative testing of its products. The products of each refinery depend on the type of raw materials based on which it is designed and on the bases of which it produces different amount and type of products. The purpose of establishing this refinery is to create employment and solve the problem of unemployment, development of domestic oil industries, rotation of the country's economic and contribution in the establishment of the infrastructures, upgrade knowledge and technical skills of human resources, prevent import of low quality petroleum products, increase the quantity and quality of domestic products and meet domestic needs for petroleum products.

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