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Gas storage capacity

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Beside the fuel energy, the other core services that grow up our business is, supplying high quality and purified gas. Supplying gas also could shape the other main goals of current and future strategy of the company as well as fuel. In our daily importation we supply thousands tons of gas across the energy bases of the country. The types of gas that ZIAYEE GROUP imports are the variety of propane, butane and some other satisfactory varieties. Our enormous gas supplying meets our need and creates our huge gas storage capacity. Nevertheless, our gas stations in different locations of the country such as Aqina, Hairatan, Kabul, Herat, Balkh, Nangarhar and Qandhar offer the standardized gas. As the company of ZIAYEE GROUP based these enormous capacity storage's, it will be able to beat any kinds of challenges and decreases gas deficiency problem around the country and the region. By the two main setups (Aqina & Hairatan) with the capacity storage's of (25000 & 4000) tons of gas, not only give the best rank of gas leading supplier to the ZIAYEE GROUP company but it would decrease the high rate of gas as good as well.

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