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Fuel storage capacity

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This is clarified that a large amount of fuel in the Asian countries is provided by Russia and Russian businessmen. The two borders of Aqina and Hairatan are the most important borders which are supplying the essential fuel of our country and some nearby countries. Ziayee Group as one of the fuel leading and fuel providing company has built two principle setups in these two high transition route that has the storage capacity of 120000 tons’ fuel that is be stored into two large setups. The first storage setup Hairaton with the capacity of 5000 tons is able to supply almost all the fuel necessity of the Northern provinces of the country and beyond the other locations. Aqina border with the capacity storage of 30000 tons is the second setup in Ziayee Group, directly imports the fuel and gas from the sincerely friend country Turkmenistan. Beyond the wide bases of our services in the large cities of the country such as Kabul, Balkh, Herat, Nangarhar and so many others, it is our best honor to see our oil stations are dealing through the universal companies of the globe. The contraction between some international sectors such as NCS & NATO prove our claims.

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